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A "buy-and-hold" may be what you have always known, but there are MORE opportunities in the markets for you if you know where and how to look for them.

Questioning how to update your investments outside of typical wealth management offerings? Our US-based Acrylic Capital Management team offers hedge fund solutions that strive to outperform the stock market in return on investment while instituting risk management techniques to protect the downside.


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What Makes Us Different

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  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Momentum
  • Risk Management

Quantitative analysis (they like to call us "Quants") employ a mixture of fundamental analysis and technical analysis to identify outlying opportunities in the market.


ust like a freight train, we are looking to get into securities that show strength and MOMENTUM because just like a freight train, they can be hard to slow down! When we feel them start to slow, we jump off and onto a train going back the other way. In this way, we attempt to capture investment returns regardless of which way the market is going - up OR down.


We hedge our bets (that's why they call us a Hedge Fund!). So if the market moves quickly in a direction we did not expect it to go, we can actively minimize any losses to allow us to get on the right side of the market.

"Since 2017 we have helped investors understand how their investments work, uncovering fees they did not even know they were paying, and increasing their overall wealth beyond what they thought possible."

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